On my way to “isolation” :)

I will not be able to update the webpage for a few days now, as Ole and I will be travelling quite a bit the next few days. With a car and sleepingbag with us, we hope to find even nicer training areas then the ones we have found so far (which are…

NICE) It is all a matter of distance from the track in La Paz, altitude, living standard, running variation and climate. We now have three choices, but have a few other “factors” that would complete the number of choices. We expect no food (bring our own), no bed but lots of beautiful scenery, nice training areas and variation of altitude. And plenty of angry Llamas…

So wish us luck.. It will be a great experience unless we get robbed or fall off one of the high altitude cliffs 🙂 No worries, this is the most quiet place you could find.

I think Ole is looking forward to seeing some other places here in Bolivia. With Frank and Henrik as my regular travelling partners, we have seen most of what can be seen in the areas, so we do not go on much “sightseeing” anymore. But this is the first time Ole is in South America, and I think it will be fun for him to see some other sights.

I hope (read : hope..) to write some more about it over the weekend.

Until, stay tune 🙂