Road race in La Paz – people compete but do not train for it (!)

In todays road race in La Paz, well over a thousand had entered. From all ages. And apparently they have races like this every weekend, some with several thousands entered. This is sort of strange. Because up to now, we have seen no more then 10…

people training for long distances up here (and plenty of more in sprints etc). No joggers. No nothing. Except or course a familar Norwegian team of two that scares the daylight out of locals with great determination and small running tights 🙂

Our conclusion to the number of peopel entered in the races is that here people enter 10 km races before they love the competition side of it, but not the training. In Norway it tends to be the total opposite, people like to train but not compete. Guess it shows some of the difference in mentality. Here, sports is truly for fun. Back home, the extreme emphasis on times and top performances has maybe made many of the people who likes to stay in shape avoid competitions.

So for once I did not feel odd when running across the Prado (mainstreet) of La Paz in tights and runningshoes on the way to the park. Nice for once 🙂

I feel well recovered for tomorrows track session. I finally had a good night of sleep after I yesterday managed to build the length of the bed out with 10 cm. Because we a gigants compared to the small local Indians, the beds are only 1.75 cm (5″10) in length here (!) And I am 1.80 tall. So for two nights I had to sleep with parts of myself outside the bed. Things never come easy 🙂