Preparing for the first track session

Since it is only a few weeks until my seasons debute (2000 meters in Floroe, Norway the 1st of June) I have to run more and harder track sessions up here compared to my last stay in March. Then, the main aim was to build a high anaerobic treshold….

That is still one of the things we focus on, but the track sessions will take more of the energy this time. Some easy (but in good number) 200 meter repeats on Monday to start with.

So I am building up my muscular tension for those sessions now. Plus I get plenty of endurance from the hills up here (PUH!). You have no idea, the slightest uphill climb feels like I mountain when you are not yet acclimatized to this altitude. The second day up here is always the worst, because you get all the post-proned stress from the travel and acute first altitude time on that day. So I feel like I am sleepwalking around up here with big dark rings under my eyes. Put my in a race right now and I would hardly know what direction to run πŸ™‚

But it is much better this time compared to last. The heart rate is lower and I feel stronger. Plus much more relaxed as we just glide into the same living patterns as we are used to down here.

The co-operation with Ole, Franks friend, works really well. He was a bit worried about the altitude before coming here but things work out fine. We have all kinds of little tips and things we do to deal with it, so we have yet to experience any kind of real altitude trouble with any of the athletes/people that have travelled with us.

From La Paz πŸ™‚