Back from Kenya!

I am back again from Kenya now after about two and a half weeks down there.

Staying close to Iten, in the remote higher areas proved to be a very good choice as training results continued to improve throughout the stay. The cooler…

temperatures, the hills and the quitness for recovery made it possible to work just that bit harder on each workout.

In the future when I go to Kenya this will probably be my training base. After staying for almost a year of my life in Eldoret, it is good with some change :))

The rest of this training week will be easy before going into a hard period of training after that. When things are on the way up, it is important to use that feeling to build endurance as much as possible this time a year. So that will be the main focus – hard, hard treadmill sessions – with short recoveries and variation of distance. Hopefully this will give another lift, as the stimuli will be different than in Kenya at altitude. Your body adapts very good and quickly to new things, and the change both in weather, running surface and altitude brings you into a totally different “zone of training” even though the aim is the same. Then, going back again to altitude after some time gives you another lift etc. It is very close to what I did in 2001, after spending 2000 working on the ideas together with my former coach Frank. We definately were on the right track and I hope to develop this even further this year. And so far it looks like its working πŸ™‚

From Oslo and the Norwegian winter,