Next training camp – South Africa

I am now starting to pick up the training pace after the Kenya stay. And I hope to keep working on that feeling until I will travel to altitude again.

This time I will stay in South Africa, in the Pretoria area for one part of the stay and a…

bit outside for the rest. In Pretoria, there will be a good group of sprinters (John Ertzgaard 20.47 200m etc) that I know well from before. Plus their coach, Leif Olav Alnes will be there – and he has been very helpful with training ideas and methods that has also influenced my training since the 2000 season. I am really looking forward to it – they have a strong and tough training mentality. Hard, intelligent work all through. Which brings the right kind of atmosphere during such a camp.

Training conditions have been a bit up and down here recently because of snow on top of ice. Combined with around zero degrees celsius.. hard to run moderatly fast even on the longer runs. So I am sticking to the treadmill even more now. It is good for both frequency and intensity so no problem at all.

Tomorrow is an easy day of training before going hard again on Sunday. Because it is post-altitude training I am very careful to run the training sessions on particular days/periods so the training week (in terms of day/quality sessions) vary quite a bit.

All well from here !