Only a few days until South Africa

It is getting closer now to the travel down to South Africa. So I am trying to put in as much hard work as possible so that it will be ok to rest during the travel and the first period thereafter.

Training has been going well. I have done…

fast evening sessions down by “Frognerkilen”, a 2-3 km long stretch by the Oslo harbour for some variation. If you have snow and ice other places, this place may still be nice to run on. I will try and combine those sessions with the trainings of the club Vidar, where my friend Henrik is training.

I cannot wait to get to a warmer place now. Even though the stay will be somewhat shorter than I normally would stay. They say that Pretoria will be hot this time a year – but so will Athens :))) No problem. Since spending hours running hard in 35-40 degrees C in Chicago and Indiana as a young runner heat has never bothered me much. Plus the training stays in Kenya has helped too. Sort of like altitude – once your body gets a hang of it, it is fine for the next times also 🙂

Time for the morning training,