Back on top – and dates for Kenya trip III set

A weekend of easy running, and I am right there again like usual. I felt nice and light on todays hard training session – just striding out and floating. It is this feeling you need, if you want the most out of every training. It is ok to feel tired…

in a workout or two, but it has to be the right kind of tiredness (from hard but “right” training)- not simply running on a flat battery because you feel like you “need” to.

I am back in Sandefjord, my “hometown”, for Eastern break. So I am running the same paths and routes like I have been doing since I was a little kid. Quite nice……and fun to run them faster every year 🙂 I just wonder how many miles and hours I have spent in the forest area here….it is quite small, but has nice variety, and I have my regular 8/12/16 km routes to go on.

I have also planned Kenya trip III…..I will leave on this coming Friday, and down to Eldoret once again. The first week I will have Norwegians around me (Frank, Susanne, Henrik, Anita and Frank/Anitas children) …..but the second week I will be all by myself….but it will be fine, I have so many good Kenyan friends down there. It will just give me some real time to plan training, write articles and relax. Then I will be back in Norway in time to prepare for the season. I just feel like I finished the 2000 season, and the 2001 is soon coming up ! Guess it is because the Olympics were so late.

All well with me.