The training of WR holder El Guerrouj/Moroccan training out on the web

The “training corner” has once again been expanded. Now it also contains a long article on the training of Hicham El Guerrouj and the Maroccan team. It is quite in depth and interesting. It is a combination of an article written by Marco Veledíaz…

with comments made by myself. Hopefully it will give you even more insight into the training of world class athletes. That is the intension of the training corner, anyways.

All is still well. I am enjoying fast times in practice, and at the same time looking forward to going back to Kenya again. It has been raining alot lately, and I can just feel my thoughts bringing me back to sunny, quiet Kenya 🙂 But only a bit over a week now, and I will be down there.

All well, Marius