I love day 15-19 after altitude !!

I am now into my “magic period” after altitude stays. It never goes wrong…..I feel crappy from day 1 to 6 after altitude ok from day 7 to day 14 after I arrive, and then BOOM, at day 15 building up to a peak at day 17 (tomorrow 🙂 ) my heart rate…

drops by almost 10 seconds at the same intensity (in just a little over 24 hours) and my lactic acid curve becomes almost “flat”. It is kind of fascinating how my body responds that way – all the processes in my body working the same way time after time. That also reminds me of how important periodization between hard work and easy work in the training is – your body is like a sophisticated computer. If you know how to work with it, it will give you great benefits and results back….if not, you only get errors and are stuck at the same place.

Before I have been in bed with the flu after altitude for 5 days….or training hard almost every day until day 15…..still it is the same – it just hits in and you feel nothing but great. Your muscles, your breathing, your lactate acid, your will to push. It sort of all comes together. I have talked to many other elite athletes, and they all say the same – they have their “special days”. Studies show that most athletes (about 80 % according to Popov) perform their best from day 15 to 21 after altitude. Pretty interesting.

I will leave for Kenya again in either about a week, or in about two weeks. Depends on what feedback I get from my body. I have the freedom to do so, and Frank Evertsen is sort of “stand by” to go whenever I feel ready 🙂

From Oslo,