FINALLY ! Pictures from Kenya out on the web.

We have now added a new section on the left side menue called “pictures”. Here I will post pictures from places I go and training sessions I do. Right now Kenya pictures from my last stay are out. This first time, some of the pictures are a bit…

blurry, because it was the first time I used the camera, and I had to do some testing. It is a “quickcam” with medium resolution – but I wanted it that way, so that I can send pictures through email over mobile phones later. With higher resolution it would be too heavy for the network. I will also start posting short 10 second video clips, when I have figured out how to πŸ™‚ Plus the news I post will contain photoes at a regular basis.

I was hoping to send pictures home from Kenya on my last stay, but my CD rom crashed, so I could not install the software until now. But from now on, I will send pictures from my Kenya trips and races over email to one of the editors of this page, so that you can follow things not only by text, but also visual. I hope you will like it.

Training well – and feeling good πŸ™‚