A string of good tests after altitude

for the hard altitude training.

It is now only 2 months after my first competition of the year, which will probably be in Florø, late May and a 2000 meter race. I cannot wait to race again !!! Just the feeling of entering the stadium of a competition, and your body fully alert and concentrated. It is a feeling of anxiety and human strength at the same time. I feel the winter has moved by in no time……

It is also under 3 weeks until I am in Kenya again. Back to the perfect running conditions, friendly people and the total mental rest from all stress. There is nothing like it – and loads a tired running body with energy. After trying it last winter, I cannot picture another one without it.

Tomorrow is another of my treadmill tests. With Frank Evertsen, of course, doing the lactate testing. He is just a big smile these days, with all the great results he gets from the testing. It is good for me also, to see that a person that works so hard for you day after day, is satisfied with what you do 🙂

All well from me,