Frank Evertsen looked sharp in todays plymetric session :-))

My closest helper (who is doing an absolutely supurb job in building my body for excellence, the physiologist Frank Evertsen joined my on todays hard uphill horizontal jumping session of close to 800 jumps follwed by a long distance run. It was my…

third session today, after two previous running sessions at 7 am, 12. This last “session” was at 3. I usually only one two sessions, but my body felt good today.

Poor Frank, he hanged on as best he could (with lots of altitude training in his body of course). But a 1.06 half marathon when he was a skiers does not help much in those long jumping sessions. But he was brave and finished the session much better than I predicted.

I am starting to feel the post altitude feeling “kick” in….I can train like crazy and simply do not get tired. I think it is because I managed to balance the training both at sea level and at altitude through the extremely close testing program, the help from Frank, and a good sense of how my body “should” feel to actually respond to the training. That means anything from a days with no training (very rare) to three sessions a day. All dependent to if my body can take it.

I think I will sleep well tonight. Nothing like an evening of quite rest after giving workouts 🙂