Back to Sandefjord for Christmas break

January is one of the hardest training months of the year. You need to be sharp and train hard, but at the same time the weather is cold, the roads are icy and it is hard to focus. In Kenya that time a year, you have no rain and sun, 25-30 degrees C every day. Nothing but excellent for long distance running.

We are also preparing all the little details for the next year. It looks like an agreement with the Olympic Committee (and the Federation) will make Franks (coach/consultant) work situation much easier. So far this year he has paid everything from his own pocket (including 3 trips to Kenya, one to St.Moritz, one to Park City and one to Edmonton). I have never heard about another coach who has done that. He has done it because I have not had financial backing to pay for a coach. So all thanks to him for keeping the shop open 🙂

Sprint session tomorrow and some weights. Then back to the good, old trainingroads in Sandefjord where I have been running since I was a kid.