Snow and ice…..

It is definately time to leave for Kenya soon. You can actually go ice skating on the roads right now. About 2 cm of pure ice on top….not so good for a distance runner..

I have been training well, but the quality work has been somewhat…

limited because of the conditions. I usually run on a treadmill when it is icy outside, but I only like to run of the Woodway Treadmills as they are WAY better for your legs then other ones. They are special designed and are soft for your feet. I do not like regular treadmills, the impact on your legs can cause injuries.

But I will probably leave in a couple of days and take a day in Oslo just to get some work done. One of those things you just have to do. Then I will leave pretty early back to Oslo after new years to continue the training there before leaving for Kenya the 9th.

My training partner, Henrik, now has his own Webpage. It is in Norwegian, but visit it at

Wish you all a Merry Christmas,