Kenya !

Only one day until I leave for Kenya ! All arrangements are 100 % down there. Frank has a Kenyan coach full time hired (to train his Kenyan athletes) and the coach will meet us in Nairobi when we land there on Wednesday.

I have been packing…

all day. Packing to Kenya is a little different then other places. About half of the times we have been down there, we have lost some of our bags. And sometimes it take almost a week to get it up to Eldoret. So you have to be clever when you do the packing. In the handluggage you need to have all necessary clothes for running, and you should travel in running shoes. Then in the other bags, pack 50/50 running and regular clothes, so that if you lose one bag you still have clothes.

Training down there will be hard. With perfect running conditions there is no need to relax. Recoveries is also faster because of the nice climate.

Just a short message before I leave. Next time, from Kenya.