Done with my first “real” training week

the middle of exams and meetings.

But it is also nice to feel the “float” again. To stride out and really use your body, with no everyday worries.

I have also started to plan next year. I will travel 3-5 times to Kenya and use altitude even more. It worked great for me last year, so that is definately something I want to continue with. With those training camps down there, the winter gets alot shorter and you are more motivated in your everyday training.

I just found out that the 5000 meters at the World Champs next year is the 6th and the 10th of August. That will suit me well, and I will plan my racing season with those dates in mind.

All well with me. With a long hard training year in front…..


Ps : check out “the message board” and participate. It is gradually increasing its number of “members” 🙂