Done with my first “real” training week

This last week was my first with double session workouts. It is always heavy to start those again. One time a day is ok, but twice is much more demanding. Just to get out and run in the rainy Norwegian fall, with competition season so far away – in…

the middle of exams and meetings.

But it is also nice to feel the “float” again. To stride out and really use your body, with no everyday worries.

I have also started to plan next year. I will travel 3-5 times to Kenya and use altitude even more. It worked great for me last year, so that is definately something I want to continue with. With those training camps down there, the winter gets alot shorter and you are more motivated in your everyday training.

I just found out that the 5000 meters at the World Champs next year is the 6th and the 10th of August. That will suit me well, and I will plan my racing season with those dates in mind.

All well with me. With a long hard training year in front…..


Ps : check out “the message board” and participate. It is gradually increasing its number of “members” πŸ™‚