All well – training plans starting to come together.

The training plan for next year is slowly starting to come together. Right now i try to put in mileage and good, long AT work to get used to training stress. But as soon as I am over with exams at the University (late November) I will start my very…

detailed training program for next year. I will continue with all the main principles from last year, but I have some new clever ideas I also want to add. This coming weekend, when Mr. Coe arrives, will be a perfect oppurtunity to discuss those things. Mr. Coe has an eye for details and systematic periodiazation – where to fit in what, and together with Frank and Per in helping me with my daily training, I hope to continue to improve. I have only run long distance since January 99 (was a middle distance runner before) and I still have plenty of time to develop.

We we also get into a discussion on when to do different stays in Kenya. I will for sure do one in January and one in the beginning of March. Then one right before the season and maybe one in December. The idea is to go down there with an interval of 30-60 days – to have “fresh” blood cells when I am at sea level. Plus, I can do short, faster work in between camps and build endurance when I am at altitude.

All well,