A great weekend with Mr. Coe

I have had a great weekend with Mr.Coe. Every time I meet him, he inspires me. We communicate very good, and his principles of training and building a training plan are very close to those I use.

He had two lectures, and I liked both. I will…

try to make an article from them later, when I have more time to do so. They were quite interesting – lots of information (a total of 7 hours ! ). I had heard most of it before from my phone conversations/letter writing/training camps, but it is always a good thing to be reminded once in a while. He is one of the few people I REALLY listen to. There are so many “no hopers” out there wanting to tell you what to do….but they simply do not have 1) the knowledge 2)the respect of what it takes to be really top class. Mr. Coe has both of those – he has extreme knowledge of the field and he always aims for the top. I will definately continue working with him in the future (usually we talk about every other week in the winter, once or twice/week in the summer)

On Saturday we took him out to eat at the Holmenkollen Restaurant, together with Frank and Ståle Jan. Except for Per, I had most of the “team” around me there. It was great. We all think the same way – very result oriented, analytical and knowledge based. Just seeing how well we work together – with ideas and theories – I can feel myself building as an athlete, brick by brick. I know what we have figured out works, and now we are just putting on more of it on top. With some brilliant ideas of how to do so. It was a quite interesting evening.

Now it will probably be a little quite from me for a week or so…exams coming up……so I have to concentrate on that a bit. You know, an athlete/student can never rest – either it is exams and school or it is races 🙂

All from me,