Getting back in the hard training mode

Todays morning session of 21 km at the “anaerobic treshold” (AT=right before you accumulate lactic acid – for me 3.00/km) was a mental test for me, that showed I am back and ready for a long hard training winter. Running it on the treadmill, it was…

extremely demandig mentally to focus through the long series of intervalls (total of 64 minutes split up AT running – plus 20 min. warmup/cooldown) But I got through it with strength and determination. Now I am excited about doing more hard session and prepare for my first altitude stay in Kenya!

We have now booked tickets to go there – I will go down there the 2nd of January and stay for 19 days. Frank, my physiologist and loyal “team” memeber will be with my as usual. So that is what I am working towards now. It is great to have these altitude stays, because it breaks up your regular running pattern and the winter gets so much shorter with the mental refreshments. And it is extremely motivational to train with the Kenyans down there and “feel” that you can run with them. I have planned 4 stays this winter – just perfect.

Looking forward to new training days like today –