Doping tested….again :)

For the second time in two weeks I was met by the doping testers at the Top Athletics Center on Monday. I came there before my easy training run just do some weight training. It is the fourth time since December I am tested (both urine and blood to…

check for EPO/blood doping) and I can sense that the testing is being done more frequent and at more “correct” timings now. It makes perfect sense to do this kind of close tests right before the seasons debute. And I will probably have to do another one this weekend also :))

I did one of my favourite sessions this Tuesday. Some few 1000 meters in the mid 2.30s. It is comfortable hard – and not enough repeats to wear you down. It is a nice tapering session before the meeting this weekend because it gives your legs some work but at the same time you avoid the really hard internal stress.

All going well,