Tuning into “2000 meter pace”

At the last tracksession I tried to run some different paces that will come around in the 2000 meter/Florø next weekend. It fitted nicely into the workout schedule. Total of around 8 km on the track at that pace made my legs work really good – just…

what I wanted a bit over a week until the seasons debute.

The seasons start will be special. Especially this year, as last year was hard. Just feeling your body totally out of it. And unable to hit back. I got some good anwers this winter during the 3000 meter that I am building myself back again – but outdoors is outdoors. It is then it really matters. While last years winter felt really short this one has been the opposite. Long…. – building, building, building and staying in Kenya.. I got an early start to the whole year (because I decided to stay out of racing after the European Championships last summer) which was what I needed. Hopefully that kind of buildup will pay off..

Some good massage these days to freshen up the legs again 🙂