Down to Bygdøy to run AT sessions

Because of the ice we have on the roads now, Henrik and I have started to run the long, hard anaerobic treshold (AT) sessions down south in Oslo, right by the sea. At the beautiful Bygdøy, you can still run on soft cinder/mud paths. It is about 3…

degrees C warmer down there then up here by Sognsvann even though it only takes 15 minutes to drive down there.

We did a really long AT session on Saturday. Just easy, floating and striding. No pushing at all. But long intervalls, short recoveries and many repetitions..

Now it is under a month until I leave for Kenya ! Frank will actually go down there tomorrow and stay for five days. He has a group of Kenyan athletes (about 13.10-15 5000 meters) that he takes care of and has to look after teh camp he has set up. He has had many great athletes in his camps throughout the last 8 years, but unfortunately most of them “disappear” to the main agents when they start to run fast – even though they are under contract. Frank knows this, and now his work is mostly for fun. Among the runners he “found” when they were really young (13-14 years old) and took care of for several years was Sammy Kipketer (12.54 5000 meter), John Kibowen (7.29 3000 meter about 13.00 5000 meter, bronze this years World Champs) and Vivian Cheryiout (15.15 5000 meter and winner of the World Junior Cross as a 15 year old).

A fast sprint session tomorrow, so time to rest. A good recovery is extremely important in this hard buildup phase.