Early start of the new week..

We woke up at 5.45 this morning for the hard training session. It was pitch dark when we took off to the starting point of the intervalls up at the Platue. Back in Norway and at sea level I very rarely get up to run before 9.30 but here it is…

different. I have spoken to many other elite athletes and they say the same ; the biorythms are different at sea level compared to altitude. And many do this kind of change up here (run intervalls in the morning, and feel fresh very early)

The whole group of athletes went up there. And by 8 we were finished, just before the day gets hot. It is a great way to start the training week. You get in lots of hard, quality miles plus you feel like you started the new week out on the right way.

Back in Norway the Athletics Federation have hired both a new Sports director and a new Administrative leader. I think it looks really good. They both get very good references from alot of people. Will be quite interesting to see where they can bring Norwegian athletics which is quite down at the moment. It may take some time but I definately think it is possible.

Some studying to do now. I only have one exam left at the University for my degree so I am considering taking it either this spring or next fall. It is really no hurry but I just like to have some other things to think about while staying on these long training camps πŸ™‚