Easy building myself up again and treating “old” injuries

I have started a slow and gradual buildup of mileage and intensity now. My body feels rested and ready to start working again after half a year of feeling up and down constantly. That problem has now been treated and I am well again. So I am looking…

forward to a fall of working with a “normal” body again šŸ™‚

I am also trying to get rid of small injuries here and there. Just some minor stuff that it is time to take care of after each season. It all has to be ready for the 1st of October when the real work starts. By that time I need to both be injury free and in such shape that my body can handle the hard work I will challenge myself with. From there on I have almost 11 months until the World Championships in Paris next year that is very late in August ( I think the 5000 meters finale is around the 29th) So plenty of time to get in shape..