Easy week

I have had two weeks of hard training now, and am now into the first “easy” week of the new training year. Which is relative of course, but it still feels alot better than the constant pushing you do during the hard weeks. I generally feel tired and…

out of it the three-four first day after the hard weeks. It is sort of an anti-climax. But my goal is not to feel light during the easy week, but to lift my body going into the next hard one. Because that is where the most challenging work will be. I am very satisfied with the start this year. I am motivated and I am hungry for success again.

I have also started planning the altitude stays for next season. I will probably do one already this fall. The last weeks of training has been promising and I feel ready for it. When it gets dark and cold here in Norway during the fall, there is no better thing to do than to go south 🙂

Short sprint session tomorrow and some jumping work. Just to keep the muscles going a bit.