Great week of training

first altitude stays.

This Monday was another long track workout. Not too fast, it is just a matter of staying physical and mental in touch with the track. I am a track runner, and I always try to remember this. I am always on the the track weekly, but I am very smart with the intensity. It is not wise to “hammer” great times yearthrough. You have to build. It is like Ingrid Kristiansen once told me ; ” moving to the West coast of Norway (where you have little snow) made us run too fast in the winter. You need progression in what you do.” She is right, you have to build “the machine” step by step otherwise one component will be too weak. And it is too late to find that out in the middle of the summer…

Easy day tomorrow before a couple of hard runs again. When you feel ready for those, there is no need to step back.

All well !