Meeting with the Dutch national middle/longdistance coach last week

Last week I had some great meetings with the national coach of the Netherlands, Honore Hoedt. He is the personal coach of Bram Som (1.43 800) Gert-Jan Liefers (3.32 1500 m), Marko Koers (3.33) and Arnound Okken (1.45 800). The interesting thing with…

the group is that they are well rounded aerobic trained athletes, with an element of speed and strength combined to this. That is quite different than how most 800/1500 meter runners train. But it is quite logical. If you look in terms of depth, no other nation has the depth in the 800 and 1500 meter as the Kenyans. And we know from the longer distances what great endurance talents these runners have. Strange that not alof of middle distance people have picked this up and keep of “hammering” 400 meter repeats until they throw up.

The group of Dutch athletes are planning some altitude training this year, so I will give them a helping hand on this (and we will be together for at least one altitude camp this year in Kenya). In return, Honore will help me with his speed/endurance system. A good plan and a great start for co-operation.

The plan in terms of new coach etc. is not yet set for next year but we are working hard on it. You need the best people out there, but also people with the ability to work team-based to share the knowledge. You have to avoid internal conflicts so that all energy is focused on performing well. We have managed this so far, and will hopefully be able to continue to do so in the future. I hope the team will be ready to go before the 1st of October.

First track session this Monday. Long, slow repeats just to “get a feel” for the running rytms again. Felt fine the whole way through.