Easy week of training

I have been training easily since arrival back from Italy. Yesterday, Henrik came back as well and today we did a moderate paced 12 km run. Parts of it still on asphalt as the weekend brings so many people to the Sognsvann lake area that you would…

have to slalom your way through to get anywhere πŸ™‚

But on the easy runs now, you have plenty of soft surfaces to run on.. travelled many places in the world for training but you should be lucky to find places as good as this ; with endless running possibilities in the forest preserves in addition to a running track very close by. Italy was in the same league, so is Kenya.

Kenya will especially be good now as they are building a new track stadium there, financed by the Quatar government (though unfortunately, it will be built right smack on the start of our 1000 meter intervalls πŸ™ πŸ™‚ )

A longer run tomorrow, to get todays session out of the legs. A good way to explore where the snow has melted and where it has not. Nice, comfortable pace..

From the Norwegian spring,