Treadmill training

After a short meeting on the Top athletics center I did another treadmill session yesterday. With the sprint coach doing some biomechanical analyses – to compare with the trainings before Italy. He was brought into the team by my former coach…

through my best years so far, Frank and manager Ståle Jan in the summer of 2001 – after a 13.13 run in Rome. I was in great shape that summer but had problems with peaking on the right days. Though with some help from him and the other clever minds already there, we got right to the problem and I ended up with personal bests in the 1500 (3.40),5000 (13.09) and 3000 (7.40) in the remaining races that season, together with the 9th place in the World Champs. It was great to see what developed those months. With a smart endurance physiologist in Frank and a smart sprint coach in Leif Olav – coordinated by Ståle who knew them both really well. Good results need special preparations..

I am going into another hard training period no – little time to rest during this transition. You can juggle the intensity but have to be careful with the total work load. You will need every single one of those miles when the summer to late summer races come around..

Time for some rest now 🙂