Feeling sharp two days after

by a one km comfortable progressional run towards the finish. By doing so I could probably kept going at least another km or two at the same speed – because I had still not burned much of the higher end aerobic/anaerobic energy. That is the difference between a aerobic trained and anaerobic trained athlete ; the aerobic trained one being able run very comfortable fast and still stretch the system very long and hard when needed without losing speed. And it is not trained through mileage (160-220 km and you can still be very “anaerobic”) but through well planned threshold work of 12-20+ km on a regular basis throughout the week. I was abit surprised not to get more competition after that easy start (and being a much stronger track runner than cross country) but maybe I would if my friend Henrik was in the race. Hopefully he will be in there next year.

All well from Oslo,