Finally Marius goes on a long distance run :-)

Today I broke one hour for continual running for the first time
:-)….because I have a background as a middle distance runner – and in general do not believe in long slow distance running – the longest I have run is about 58 minutes (I have…

loooong hard AT sessions, though). But today I had to….I simply did not have enough mileage this week, and “needed” some more – but tomorrow is an AT day so I wanted something easy.

So I went with a friend for 21 km – about 1 hour 20 minutes… was a beautiful run – up to the Nordmark chapel located in the forest north in Oslo far away from roads and city noice. It felt good for once to do this, and I might throw in some more of those once in a while. I do not believe they give me more training then the regular 45-50 minutes I do (and have physiological backing for this) , but it does give you a good float and with some sprints up hills it gives you a nice slow fartlek. Interesting – we are in the beginning of December and still no snow here ! Great for runners, but for skiing nation like Norway it is rather unusual. At least we have SOME snow right now. But I do not complain and hope it will stay like this until I leave for Kenya the 2nd of January.

All well –