A nice Olympic dinner at the Oslo Plaza

Yesterday I was at an Olympic dinner at the Oslo Plaza here in Norway. Over 300 people were there, including 41 former Norwegian Olympic Champions, the Norwegian Sydney team and the King and Princess of Norway. It was a great evening in the classy…

Sonia Henie Hall. We sat at a very prominent table (about 40 tables total) with people like Trine Hattestad ( Olympic Javelin Champ from Sydney, WR holder and winner of the Golden League total for all events), Egil Danielsen (Olympic Javelin Champion from 1956), Anne Tiedemann (president of the Norwegian athletics federation) and the Princess of Norway, Märtha Louise. The athmosphere was relaxed and the evening showed to be a perfect end to an Olympic year.

All thoughts about last year closed there, and it is 100 % time to look ahead.