Back in shape :-)

Todays “test” on one of my weekly runs showed that I am now back in real training shape again. Both the heartrate and the lactic acid was the same as two weeks ago and 4 weeks ago. But the time has dropped with almost 2 minutes on the run which is…

now down at 21.49. I started with 23.40, then had 22.50, and now 21.49. This test is one of the intervalls of a longer training session – it is run on asphalt (concrete), mostly flat in the beginnings (to avoid lactate accumulation) and hills in the middle. It is a no wind course, so conditions are the same every time.

It is like this every year. In a week I am “just like that” in shape -my training is starting to work. I am a training/genetic talent – in that order (I have natural talent, but the key to my running is the combination of genetics with very thought through training) From now on I can start running the times I did last winter – and hopefully get to another level. It feels great to be back in normal shape again, from feeling all slow and strugglig for about 6 weeks 🙂

All well,