adds some US commercial sites/half-year visitor report

As you can see, we have now put some banners etc. on the page (mostly American). Up to now, we have used the banners as “testing” to see if it works well. These new ones I have picked out myself, and they have some good products there. So if you are…

bored, or plan to do some web-shopping, check them out.

I also have the half-year results for the site ready now. In 6 months we have had 960 000 hits, 400 000 full page views (this is really the number to look at, “hits” is only when someone click on and around 80 000 unique server users (how many different computers that have been on) The most active day was the 27th of September with over 60 000 hits (the day I ran in Sydney). The intersting thing is that the month of November was just as good as the month of August, so people are coming back even off-season. To the users : thank you for the great visitor numbers and the emails you send me. I cannot answer them all (or hardly any of them) but I hope you get some good information from these pages anyways.

🙂 Marius