More Kenyan training stuff in the training section!

After several coaches and young runners have asked me how the Kenyans train when they are younger, I have written something about it on my page. Go to “Training corner” and click on “young Kenyan training” on the menue to the right. There you have…

it – original training program for the youngsters (at St.Patrick High School – where “all” the best comes from) Enjoy 🙂

All is well with me. After 50 cm. of snow (just like that – in a day) I have been running on the treadmill lately. It is fine, as long as I know Kenya with its red packed sand roads and 25 degrees C is only a week away ! That is the great thing about being a runner……away from all the winter and ready to relax, train, sleep and eat…..:-) The freedom to do this, is what I remember when I think about all the time I use for my training and the hard training sessions 🙂