First session on the new Bislett stadium!

For the first time I tested the track on the new Bislett stadium. A series of intervalls gradually going faster. Not a long session, about 6 km total. Ståle Jan came by on his way to holiday and Frank was in town so they watched the session….

The report from the new stadium ? I looks great, but the track there is also fast. Not Mondo, but still very nice and hard (while at the same time very elastic). They have kept the old stadium walls,which means that if the wind conditions are right you can get tail wind for 250 meters and no wind for 150 meters. Under the stands by the start (where the callroom is) they have already put down a 2 lane track under the stadium. Only about 150 meters at the moment but long enough for the sprinters to warm up before big meeting – and gives you a good view on how things will be when they eventually get the full 550 meters indoor track under the whole stadium. So for the runners waiting to run there, look forward to it 🙂

I am still building my shape after Rome. Plus spending lots of time recovering the muscluar system. Important to have those things right in this tapering period…

From Oslo,