Well into training again after Rome :)

With 30.5 degrees celsius yesterday, I waited until late evening to run my first hard workout after Rome. A longer endurance workout to get in the right mode again after the race down there. I was feeling fine during the workout and it was nice to…

get the race out of my legs. I need those endurance sessions now to ensure that the tapering process will continue without losing the essential endurance element.

This week will be a mix of track workouts on off track work. All of it at float speed, controlled and lactate tested but with more variation than normal to “break the pattern” I have good experience with this from earlier years ; to do the same things but just with small variations all the time.

Recovery is also a key element right now. Small things like not moving around too much, plenty of physio, good food very frequently, lots of sleep and relaxed days. The last one no problem in the extremely hot summer here 🙂

I took a short trip down to the Bislett stadium the other day and it looked absolutely great. Steep stands, facing down to the track. It looked just like the old stadium just with a brand new look to it. Much, much better than expected – including a very hard track for fast times. So looking forward to the 29th!

From sunny Oslo,