Very pleased with an 13.11 opener

Yesterdays race here in Rome gave a very good feeling, ending with a 13.11.70 time.

I am especially pleased since the last sessions show that I am right in the break into the tapering period. This race shows that I am on the right track in…

this very important phase in between spring buildup and the seasons peak for the Bislett Games and World Champs in Helsinki.

I had originally planned to pass the 2k in around 5.18 to get the qualifier. But the front pace was very, very fast. The plan was for them to do 2.34 but instead it was 2.31. So at the tail of the field I got through in 2.35 for the 1k and 5.11 for the 2k. I then stayed with a group of runners up to the 3k at 7.52. One of them being Garcia that Spaniard that is back from a two year ban. He got past me on the last lap after running head to head for a while and finished with a 13.10. Quite nice for him, considering that he only ran a 5.20 2000 meter the 14 of June (for 8th), a 7.59 3000 in Zaragoza (9th) the 24th before hitting the 13.10 here.

Easy run this morning before travelling home.

Fantastic night for Norwegian athletics last night. Tømmernes was quite happy 🙂 84 in the javelin for Thorhildsen, 14.53 in the 5000 for Susanne Wigene (after passing the 3000 in 8.53 with a pr of 9.01) plus Pilskog in 4.07/1500 and World Champ qualifier for her also. Looks quite promising..

Time for a run now,
From Italy,