First small race/runthrough the 9th of June

The “opening” of the season will this year be a bit different than other years. Or actually quite the same, only at a later time.

Usually I do a couple of low key races, like Norwegian cross country national champs etc. early in May, late…

April but since the season this year will be be bit delayed on my part (last years Bislett Games was early June) the start this year will be a relay up at Ekeberg, above Oslo the 9th of June – the DHL relay. 5×5 km, on a team consisting of some of the best runners in Norway including Henrik. It will be a fun even, plus a good time to get a run through. In addition to that, the club Vidar is the organizer, so a nice pay back for taking so good care of my during the Eastern training stays and Monday trainings.

Things are going well. This evening one of the sessions run up by Sogsvann on my normal “test” route. At this time I need stability on those runs – the stability is needed when track workouts starts to progress. Otherwise you will soon lose the endurance component needed – if the running base you have is not stable enough. Nice and “fresh” weather outside, just how I like it when running those long sessions 🙂

Henrik set another personal best in the 10000 meters the other weekend, running a low 29. Great to see his progress after years of struggling. It feels much better to see those personal bests coming when you have seen the other side also..

From Oslo, looking forward to the season.