Finally on the track:)

After a long winter of hard training I finally got on the track for a good track session. It felt nothing but great to get back on the track after so many months.

I have experimented throughout the years with trackwork and for most seasons…

stayed on the track for all months throughout. But from experience I have learned how I can use the track work to its best benefit in a limited number of months even though it feels good to just float around there πŸ™‚ Just a number of 400 meter repeats. Not very hard but at ok speed with short recoveries. A nice session to start with. Sort of in between. 200 meter repeats is too short for the real lasting effect and 1000s too early. So 400 marks the adjustment to the track work nicely.

It felt surprisingly comfortable to take on the spikes again. Just like last year when I did the same routine. Probably has to do with lots of hard running on the treadmill, where you have a high frequency (higher than outside) and are able to keep a nice toeoff. Plus the plyos (jumps) I do every spring pays off also.

Now it is just to focus onward. Get in a good training rythm and make sure that I stay healthy. Looking forward to more track work πŸ™‚

All well,