Looking forward to Thursday and the DHL relay

The day after tomorrow I will run the relay up at Ekeberg, above Oslo. If our team wins, 100.000 NKR will go to an volunteer organization. So for a good cause. But if our 5x5km relay team is beaten 100.000 (15.000 USD) will go to the challengers :)…

A nice floatthrough. Henrik will also be on the team, plus two 8.40 steeplers and an Ethiopian who runs for Haugesund, west in Norway.

Then after that is the European Cup in about 10 days and marks the seasons trackstart. Will be interesting to see how it will develops, we have plotted out a number of races that fits nicely into the schedule (with a peak at the Bislett Games + World Champs) Just enough to be where I want to be. A few we are not sure of yet, but at least more than 4 (!) races that a Norwegian newspaper for some reason reported today πŸ™‚

Things are going fine. Training gradually and doing me best to stay injury free and healthy. This morning a long threshold session after some track 1000 s the other day in 5000 meter race pace. Just gliding through..

From Oslo,