From St Moritz!

I am now well situated in St Moritz for the training camp here. So far with great weather, around 20-25 degrees C and sun.

Published: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 by Marius

The athletes are coming in here now. From before we came we had Sergey Lebed here, Craig Mottram, Sonia O Sullivan, some polish athletes plus a group of Kenyans. Just arrived today was also a group from Quatar and the Italian marathoners are said to arrive soon. A nice atmosphere as the summer racing season is building up.

Bjørnar arrived yesterday and joined the rest of the group. This morning some 2000 meter intervalls around the lake – at a good pace. We started together like we normally which is nice. I have a route where I have a test “km” going a bit downhill on the side of the lake. It is about 930 meters long and a nice reference if you wish to know where you are at outside the track also. This afternoon, either very easy or a bit gradual. It depends what the fysio says about the legs + the restitution after this morning.

We are living only 250 meters from the track here, in the St Moritz Bad, about 50 meters from the cross country trails here. Very convinient when you need all the rest you could get from the hard training sessions J

All well from here,