From Eldoret, Kenya – in GREAT training

My training down here is going nothing but great. After a week down here, I feel very strong, despite the demanding work I have been doing. I train with a 7.45 3000 meter Kenyan, who is only 18 years old. We are the same running types, and our…

running rythm goes very good together. We blood-tested him for lactic acid during the workout today (after lots of convincing first….he was afraid of it 🙂 ), and just like we have seen before – his intensity was right under his anaerobic treshold, with 2.8 mmol/l lactic acid. I had 2.7, so we were right there together. His natural running feeling made him hit right at it, without ever checking it or learning how to. One of the advantages the Kenyans have, but it can be learned by us “western” athletes as well.

On Saturday we will go to Kip Keinos farm 15 minutes outside Eldoret to watch the finale of the Energizer cross country series. It will be fun. I raced one of the local races last year, and it is absolutely CRAZY. It is like high school cross country in the US (at least in Illinois) where you have 300 people on the start. Except in Kenya, they have no pace judgement at all (full speed from the beginning, and if they get tired they are simply “out of shape” 🙂 ), no control over the arms and always changing the rythm. Very exciting, as long as you are not in the race yourself. After last years experience, I will watch this year…..

All well from Kenya,