Two Kenyans down – (several) more to go :-)

Todays intervallsession I had to run by myself. The two Kenyans I have trained the most with down here were complaining that they felt 1)very tired 2) very much pain in their legs :-)) So they disappeared from the last two training sessions, after…

mondays hard training, followed by a fast progressive long distance run of 18 km the morning after. I take it as a compliment, and it is fine to run alone also. I am used to it. And in a few days, I will find some other ones to train with. Plenty of good runners up here πŸ™‚

Training is still going well here. I am doing all I want and much more. Just like I want. Then I will go back to Norway in about a week, and stay in Norway for four weeks, before going down here again for another 3 weeks.

I talked to the coach who was the head coach of Daniel Komen and Ngeny plus Sammy Kipketer and the rest of the Puma Kim McDonald group from 1993-2000 (both in Kenya and in Europe). He is now out of the team, because of disagreements with Moses Kiptanui. But he was the main man behind their training, and is now without a job, so he gives me some very good training information. I will ask for his permission to write an article to put out on this page….stuff never been published before : how to coach a 12.39 5000 meter runner/7.20 3000 meter runner and a 3.44 miler and Olympic 1500 m. champ. Should be a good and interesting article πŸ™‚

You see runners all over Eldoret, as usual. Only yesterday I saw Paul Ereng (Oly 800 champ 1988) at the Supermarket, Philip Boit (only Kenyan to be in the winter Olympics ever – in the cross country skiing 98) at the Net Shop, Wilson Boit Kipketer (World Champ Steeple) at the hotel I live, Julius Achon (Ugandan 1500 m. runner – around 3.30) by the swimming pool, and a person who I am almost surtain was Olympic 1500 m.Champ Ngeny – posting a thankyou letter to Daniel Komen at the postoffice :-))))) So quite an intersting place, Eldoret – for us runner enthusiasts.

All well from Eldoret