From Florida!

Off from the grey winter in Norway to the Tampa area in Florida.

I have arrived well here and started the training with the others. Yesterday I did a longer intervall session with Henrik up by the forest reserve that is very close to the…

hotel where we are staying. He is in excellent marathon-endurance shape at the moment so no problem training together, especially now in the beginning of the stay. It felt great going from 0 degrees in Norway to 26 degrees C here and shorts ! You forget how nice it is until you are right there..

Then yesterday, Jack Waitz the husband of Grete Waitz came down from Gainesville to visit us, plus did an easy run with the group this morning. Quite nice, he has tons of experience witin the field of long distance running and training – to say it mildly.

This evening we will do another easy run, running on the small soft paths in the forest. Hopefully it will be a very easy one. I had plenty of problem sticking with the group when former 2.11 marathoner Terje Ness got into his floating form during the easy run.. Usually I run quite easy on those..

Time for some shopping now. The link below with pictures will be activated hopefully during the day or so. There, you can see the training areas we are running in, plus the people around here.

All well, enjoying the sun and feeling “home” in the US again 🙂