Off to Florida!!

Soon I will leave Norway for the first training camp of the year, to the US and the Tampa area. My friend Henrik and some other runners are already over there and I will be joining the group there when I arrive. I cannot wait to get over there, the…

report is great weather and great training..

I have not been in the US since 2001 so I am looking forward to that. In 2001 I was over there, first in Utah then in Chicago, in the preparations for the 2001 World Championships. Before that I had a brief trip to the University of Indiana in 1999 to visit my college team over there.

Having spent two years of my (running 😉 ) life in the US coming back there is always something special. They say track/cross country is nothing compared to the big sports in the US in terms of popularity. But consider this ; the stats show almost 300.000 cross country runners in the US just from the age 14-18! Even with a country of 270 million or so, that is alot. Much, much higher ratio then in Norway and at least much higher than Kenya and Etiopia. So running has its own culture over there, the high school dual meets, state meets, the college leagues etc.

We have had milder weather recently so I have managed to log the mileage needed before going over there. But 25 degrees and sun will do it anyways..

Last update from Norway,