Funny track session this morning

At 7.30 Henrik and I went to the track at the Moi University a bit outside Eldoret. The track session went underway just like planned, only stopped by about 50 cattle who were crossing the track, and one intervall where I got mud in my eyes from…

running behind Henrik. You know, the usual stuff down here at cinder tracks in the agricultural Africa.

But the training turned strange and extremely funny, when we went on our cooldown. Our hotel is about 12 km from the track, so we decided to run back there. The 12 km is through very rural areas – stepp landscape with no cars and herds/small mud-huts where people live. Well, Henrik wore his special Cuban national team full body suit at the track session (eg.Maurice Green/Flo-Jo). It looks a little bit worse then wearing a tight bikini…so wearing that, we went on into the distant Kenya….in areas where few people even have seen Mzungos (white men)…with Henrik wearing his tight white, red and blue Cuban body suit. It was the funnies run ever. The little kids got either shocked or scared..the old ones shook their heads, while the girls giggled in shock….I guess strange-Mzungo-Henrik will be the topic in the small huts as they are eating their Ugali (national maiz mix) :-)))

All still well here. Will always look like a Mzungo, but hopefully running like a Kenyan 🙂