Hanging on for the last part down here :)

I am now into the tough period from around 10 days until 14 days at altitude. It is tough because the stress from the first 10 days are starting to show – especially since I periodisize/cycle my training in 10 day blocks during the summer. So I have…

to focus now for the remaining part of the stay. But luckily, the weather is back to normal – t-shirt and shorts, so that makes it a bit easier.

A lot of the day now goes into planning the summer, getting treatment on my legs (now is the time to be injury free πŸ™‚ ) and just resting. You need to be disciplined with those things. The winter is tough, both in the planning and doing, but the summer is even harder to get right. Now balance is much more important. If you go wrong, the way back is longer, and you usually do not have time to change direction.

But I am used to this, and know my body quite well. Plus I have great people around me to guide me. That limits the chance of missing out on the important work that will lead to fast times.

Today, some more Norwegians will come down here. Will be nice to see some other Norwegians also, even though Frank and I go extremely well together. We challenge eachtother, but at the same time have a very friendly tone. Probably the fact that we are only 12 years apart makes it easier, and I think this tone is crucial to success. Too many times communication between “coach” and athlete is going only one way and the athlete do not challenge the coach enough. Once you just settle down and think you know the whole truth, you are probably done with being successful. You have to be dynamic and work together to get the best results.

Time to rest – hard day tomorrow with intervalls by the lakeside πŸ™‚