Happy new year!

and the results showed clearly. The fall in one thing, what matters is if you manage to balance the highest possible training load plus the best rest possible from January until the season comes around. That is ; if you are in good enough shape in January to take the load you need at that time. You will never regret the work you manage to put down then. Things go automatic from April on onwards but in the winter (especially in Norway) you have to keep the focus all the time. I like to always stay one week behind during the winter training, just to keep the chase going..

Running conditions now are fair in Oslo. Nothing great, snow came down in loads again last week but you can run on the sidewalks. And we always have the treadmills 🙂 They even got a pair of new Woodways now at the top athletics center so that is nice. For a while now they were out of order so I had to run in the lab like you could see on some of the previous photoes.

Happy new year from Oslo!