Merry Christmas and back in Sandefjord

For Christmastime I am back in Sandefjord again, doing the last training and resting before a new year of training 🙂

I came here a few days ago and was met with close to perfect running conditions. Very hard surfaces in the forest areas but…

no ice. So I did a faster steady run on one of the first days down here and a hill workout the other day. Quite nice after weeks on the treadmill. Then today the snow came down heavily again plus the temperature dropping below -5 C. Brr, time to go way south again soon!

The race calendar for next year is out now and it looks interesting. The Bislett Games will be as late as the 29th of July which is right before the World Champs in Helsinki. I am very happy with that, it means one peak of the year only. I cannot wait running on the new stadium. I have linked below to a site where you can see the progress of the work. They started tearing down the stadium this summer and are well underway already. I passed there very late at night right before Christmas and they were even working night shifts. I spoke to some of the workers and they were quite happy with the mild weather we have had recently plus ensured that the stadium would be ready on time..

Time for a very short run on/in the snow!